The Bob Tomasic Medal Winners

Each year, the Bob Tomasic Medal is awarded to the Player's Player in the Men's All Age Division.

The previous medal winners are as follows:


Year Reserve Grade Winner First Grade Winner
2021 (Season abandoned) (Season abandoned)
2020 Oliver Louw Sam Young
2019 Oliver Louw Sam Young
2018 Oliver Louw Chad Cowley
2017 Thomas Strokon Chad Cowley
2016 David Vlasic Chad Cowley
2015 John Backmann David Blair
2014 Conor Nix Joseph Fell
2013 David Kuhn David Blair
2012 Karlo Maralit Jason Lal
2011 Michael Zaknic Nick Guglielmino
2010 Michael Zaknic Tim Briggs
2009 Dane Atkinson Peter Stegic
2008 Ivo Nedjalkov Dylan Harapoff
2007 Dino Zabica Antony Perich
2006 Matthew Orlic Adam Vlatko / Vinko Milostic
2005 Vinko Milostic David Vlasic

The medal is named after Bob Tomasic in recognition of his 25+ years of dedicated service to Willoughby Dalleys Football Club & Dalmacija Sydney Croatian Club Ltd as Football Secretary. Bob was awarded Life Membership of Northern Suburbs Football Association Limited in 2021 in recognition of his 25 years services to Football.