Registration Status - 2024

For 2024, the registrations can be made on-line via the platform.

The current status for 2024 registrations is as follows:

  • Senior Men's Premier League - CLOSED
  • Senior Men's O35's - CLOSED
  • Miniroos U8's - CLOSED
  • Miniroos U9's - CLOSED
  • Miniroos U10's - CLOSED (Saturday Mixed & Sunday Girls)
  • Miniroos U11's - CLOSED (Saturday Mixed & Sunday Girls)
  • Juniors U12's - CLOSED
  • Juniors U13's - CLOSED
Check our Facebook pages for any advertised team vacancies (refer to Contacts page).

Willoughby Dalleys FC ("WDFC") only have limited teams and preference is given to previously registered WDFC players. Please contact the relevant Age Coordinator via email should you wish to enquire about a new / late registration (i.e. you or your child did not play for WDFC in 2023) PRIOR to completing your on-line application.

 For new miniroo players (U6-U11) who would like to go onto our waiting list, please include the following in your email:
  • Players Name
  • Age Group/Date of Birth
  • Name of the school attended.
New Senior players should include the following in your email:
  • Players Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Previous Club including Divisions played
  • Preferred playing position.
Refer to "Contact Us" page for the email addresses for Age Coordinators. 

On-line registrations will close:
  • for Miniroos & Juniors - Friday 23rd February 2024;
  • for Senior Men's - Monday 25th March 2024.
All registration fees must be paid by Friday 15th March or with 24 hours of online registration after that date.

Senior Teams Offered - 2024

For 2023, Willoughby Dalleys FC will be offering the following teams:
  • Men’s All Age Premier League (Squad)     Saturday Competition
  • Men's O35's Division 2 (Team)                  Saturday Competition
Junior Teams Offered - 2024
  • Miniroos Mixed U8's                                  Saturday Miniroos
  • Miniroos Mixed U9's                                  Saturday Miniroos
  • Miniroos Mixed U10's                                Saturday Miniroos
  • Miniroos Girls U10's                                  Sunday Miniroos
  • Miniroos Mixed U11's                                 Saturday Miniroos
  • Miniroos Girls U11's                                   Sunday Miniroos
  • Junior Mixed U12's                                    Saturday Juniors
  • Junior Mixed U13's                                    Saturday Juniors
Active Kids Program - Rebate Vouchers from Service NSW - 2024

From 1st February 2024, Willoughby Dalleys Football Club regret to advise that we will no longer be participating in the Active Kid's Voucher Program and are therefore unable to accept Active Kid's Vouchers as part of the registration process.

Registration Process & Instructions - 2024

Registrations are to be made on the Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) Play Football Website at using your personal details (First Name, Last Name, email address & Date of Birth).

Please click
HERE for a copy of the detailed step-by-step guide on how to register.

Note: "" does not work in conjunction with Internet Explorer...please use Google Chrome or another browser.

By registering with Willoughby Dalleys Football Club, you agree to be bound by our
Code of Conduct.

Players must be registered BEFORE participating in trial games & pre-season training to ensure that they are covered under the Personal Injury Cover provided by Football NSW (via JLT Sports). You may be allowed to play without registering in some trial games during pre-season (at the discretion of the Age Co-ordinator), but you will not be covered by insurance so this will be at your own risk.

Registration Fees are payable in full by Monday 4th March 2024. 

Once your registration has been approved, an Age Coordinator / Team manager will contact you with further details re training, etc.

For a copy of the FFA's detailed registration instructions please
Age Eligibility - 2024

Please click
HERE for a copy of the Age Eligibility guidelines for the 2024 Season.

Proof of Age

All players who are new to Willoughby Dalleys FC must provide proof of age to be sighted by the Club's Age Coordinator or Secretary/Registrar. This can be in the form of:
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or extract;
  • Copy of Passport;
  • Copy of Driver's Licence.
I.D. Photos

All competition age players (U12 to Senior Men's) must load a new digital photo every 3 years on their playfootball profile.

Registration Fees - 2024

Registration fees for 2024 (prior to any rebates applicable) are as follows:

Team  2024 Fees
(incl. GST)
Mens All Age (MAA1) 19+ $595
Mens All Age (MAA1) 16-18 $495
Mens Over 35's $535
Junior Mixed U13's  $375*
Junior Mixed U12's  $365*
Junior Miniroos U10's & U11's  $320*
Junior Miniroos U8's & U9's  $310*

*   All miniroo & juniors will need to purchase/order a new jersey & new shorts for the 2024 season. This can be done at the time of on-line registration at an additional cost of $32.50 for jersey & $NIL for shorts.
*** The actual registration charge will be calculated at the time of on-line registration and may vary slightly due to a player's actual age turned in 2024.

Registration Fees include:
  • Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA) fees for team entry and competition ground usage;
  • Norther Suburbs Football Association Facility Levy ($20.00 per player for 2024);
  • Player levies from Football Federation Australia;
  • Player levies from Football NSW;
  • Player Personal Injury Insurance premiums paid to Football NSW;
  • Willoughby Dalleys FC administrative costs, used to cover:
    • Training ground hire fees (including pre-season for MAA/M35);
    • Player’s socks;
    • Player's shorts (Men's Premier League / Over 35's / Juniors);
    • Player's jersey (Men's Premier League / Over 35's only);
    • Training & game day equipment;
    • Coaching cost (Men's Premier League / O35's only);
    • Trophies at the completion of the season (U6's to U11's);
    • General administrative costs. 
From 1st January 2024, Junior/Miniroo registrations do NOT include the services of a paid coach. Each team will need to register a Team Coach (i.e. volunteer "parent coach") and a Team Manager prior to team registrations being accepted. If Teams are unable to find a paremt volunteer coach, the team can collectively agree to find a paid coach which will incur an extra fee per player to cover this cost for the season.

Willoughby Dalleys FC is an amateur club, run by volunteers, and do not pay players to play. Nor do we offer "free registrations" to our players.

Willoughby Dalleys FC does NOT offer reduced registration fees for part season players, as the costs to the Club are the same as they are for full season players.

Player Uniforms - 2024

All Age Teams

The Club provides the jersey, shorts & socks to Senior Men's players an no charge. However, the jerseys provided to Men's Premier League  & O35 Teams always remain the property of the Club and must be returned at the conclusion of the season.


Player's jerseys are to be purchased from the Club at an additional cost of $32.50 for all players as the club is replacing the Miniroos jerseys with Umbro jerseys to be consistent with the remainder of the clubs teams. Shorts and socks are supplied by the club as part of the registration fee.

The following Umbro jersey sizes are available (measurements are for chest):

Size Age Inches Cms
YXS 6/7 25/26 64/66
YS 7/8 26/27 67/69
YM 9/10 28/29 72/74
YL 11/12 30/31 77/79
YXL 13 32/33 82/84

The following Umbro short sizes are available (measurements are for waist):
Size Age Inches Cms
YXS 6/7 19/21 49/53
YS 7/8 21/22 52/56
YM 9/10 22/24 56/61
YL 11/12 24/26 61/66
YXL 13 26/27 66/69

The following Umbro Size Guide is based on Height:
Size Age Cms
YXS 6/7 122
YS 7/8 134
YM 9/10 146
YL 11/12 152
YXL 13 158

The following Umbro sock sizes are available:
Size Foot Size
Kids XS 12-2
Kids S 3-6
Adults M 7-9
Adult L 10-3

Please ensure you order your uniforms (shirts & shorts) at the time of player registration or email the Juniors Co-Ordinator ( if you need to order uniform post completion of your online registration. 

Player's are responsible for providing their own football boots and shin pads.

Registration Fee Payment / Payments for Uniforms - 2024

Once you have registered online at, you will be issued an invoice. Payments are accepted via direct bank transfer as follows into the Willoughby Dalleys FC bank account and should be made within 7 days of on-line registration:
Account Name: Willoughby Dalleys Football Club
Rego Fee Type: BSB: Account:
Men’s All Age Rego Fees (MAA1) 032090 312994
Men's Over 35's Rego Fees
032090 414130
Junior Mixed Rego Fees (U6's-U10's) 032090 378264
Remember to insert your FFA Number & Players Surname in the transfer description reference field (example: 12345678 Smith).

To avoid delays in the registration approval process please pay the funds into the correct account.

Please note that Willoughby Dalleys FC enforces a strict “NO PAY, NO PLAY” rule.

Registration Fee Refunds - 2024
Registration Fees can only be refunded before the scheduled commencement of the competition season, with no games played, and at the discretion of the Management Committee of the Club. An administrative charge of $50 may be charged per refund at the discretion of the Club.

Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing providing a reason acceptable to the Management Committee of the Club.

Registrations for Volunteers, Age Coordinators, Team Managers, Coaches & Committee Members - 2024

Effective 1st January 2024, all Club Volunteers, Age Coordinatiors, Team Managers, Coaches & Committee Members must register on
  • Coaches should use the "Coach" option when registering on-line;
  • Team Manager should use the "Team Manager" option when registering on-line;
  • Age Coordinators should use the "Volunteer" option when registering on-line;
  • Committee Members should use the "Committee Member" option when registering on-line.
All applicants must have a valid Working with Children (WWC) number. For more info CLICK HERE

Registration for Volunteers, Age Coordinators, Team Managers, Coaches & Committee Members is free.

Registrations for Volunteers, Age Coordinators, Team Managers, Coaches & Committee Members open Thursday 1st February 2024, and close Friday 15th March 2024.

Please click HERE for a copy of the detailed step-by-step guide on how to register.

For a copy of the FFA's detailed registration instructions for Committee Members/Coaches/Managers/Volunteers please CLICK HERE.

Team & Age Group Information - 2024

Further information on the 2024 winter season competition is available on either the
Junior & Senior team pages.