Team Selection Policy - U12+

Our commitment

Our club supports an open and fair process for the selection of teams. Selection will be based on clear criteria that are communicated with all players prior to the season commencing.

What we will do


Selection decisions will be based mainly on performance, however they will also consider:
  • attendance at competition, training and club / team events (commitment)
  • good sportsmanship (values)
  • abiding by our club’s Code of Behaviour on and off the field (behaviour).
In addition, players or athletes:
  • must be financial members of the club
  • will be selected on their performance, commitment, values and behaviour, not their personal characteristics or attributes (e.g. race, sexuality, religion)
  • may be precluded from selection if there is a concern about their ability to compete safely or if their participation poses a risk to others.


  • Players will be informed in writing of the dates, location and criteria for team selection.
  • Selectors will be appointed by the committee and be responsible for pre-season selection decisions.
  • Where possible, there will be more than one selector, especially where parents, partners or other family members are involved.
  • As requested, or as necessary, players will be provided with reasons for non-selection and areas to improve in order to be considered for selection.
  • Coaches will be responsible for all decisions about team selection once the season commences.
  • Selection criteria will be reiterated during the season so that players are clear about the how teams competing in the finals will be chosen.
  • Concerns about team selection should be discussed with selectors/coach in the first instance. A formal written complaint to the club committee should be made if these concerns cannot be resolved and the player believes s/he has not been treated in accordance with the selection policy.

What we ask you to do

Selection committee

  • Ensure players are informed about and understand the selection criteria and processes.
  • Make fair and unbiased decisions based on the selection criteria.


  • Make yourself familiar with the selection criteria and clarify any concerns with the club prior to trials.
  • Talk with your coach about any concerns and seek feedback about how to improve your performance.