Working with Children Checks

Working With Children Check (WWC)

Willoughby Dalleys FC is registered with the Office of the Children's Guardian as a Child Related Employer.

All individuals who work or volunteer with children (under 18) must hold a WWC Number and provide their WWC Number to their club. This is a compulsory NSW Government requirement for all sporting clubs in NSW.

The WWC Check application process involves a National Police Check and a review of findings of misconduct involving children. The result is either a clearance to work with children for five years, or a bar against working with children. Barred applicants may not work or volunteer with children.

Willoughby Dalleys FC collects WWC Numbers from all child related workers and volunteers, and maintains a verification register in accordance with the Legislation. WWC Numbers are valid for five years and Willoughby Dalleys FC checks the validity of each these on an annual basis.

A WWC Check number lasts for 5 years.

Who Needs a WWC Number?

Persons in child related roles are required to have a WWC Number. These include:

  • All paid roles that involve supervising or working with children aged under 18; and
  • All persons in volunteer roles with children aged under 18, including coaches, managers, trainers, technical directors, youth co-ordinators, all committee members, Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs), canteen managers and tour chaperones; and
  • All referees, referee coaches, referee mentors, referee assessors and match commissioners; and
  • Any other role with children under 18 (unless exempt below).

The following are not required to apply for a WWC Check or provide a WWC number:
  • Persons under 18 years of age;
  • Grounds Persons;
  • Guest presenters or speakers for a one-off presentation;
  • Persons who work or volunteer with children visiting from NSW from another State to attend an event where the work in NSW will be no more than 30 days in a calendar year.
  • There are NO EXEMPTIONS for persons in a paid position working with children.
  • Willoughby Dalleys FC & Football NSW now require ALL Coaches, Managers, Referees and Committee Members to maintain a current WWC Check even if you are volunteering for your own child's team.
To Apply for a WWC Check
  1. To apply for a WWC Check CLICK HERE . The Child Related Sector is "Clubs and other bodies providing services to Children".
  2. Once you have applied online, you will receive an Application (APP) Number.
  3. Notify the Club Secretary of your APP Number.
  4. Take the APP Number, proof of ID and $80 (paid persons only) to a NSW Service Centre (Motor Registry). The WWC Check is free for volunteers.
  5. Once you have vertified your ID at a NSW Service Centre you will be issued a receipt.
  6. The applicant should receive their WWC Number by email within 7-10 days.
  7. Once you have received your WWC Number, please provide to the Club Secretary who will verify your WWC status via the Club's on-line Employer Portal.
Have you Lost your WWC Number?

If you have lost your WWC number, it can be retrieved online at the NSW Kids Guardian website. Just

Renew your WWC Number

To renew your WWC number, please click HERE.

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